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Matrimonal Surveillance - Often a spouse may arouse suspicion of adultery which can lead to emotional and often irrational behaviours. A simple peace of mind surveillance assignment, may help remove the suspicion and allow you to continue with your life, or get the evidence you need to confront the situation once and for all.

Child Support Checks - The surveillance of your ex-partner to determine whether support arrangments are being adhered to or any application for child maintainance relief is warranted.

Missing Persons - Looking to find a long lost friend or relative. Modern checks may make this easier and more affordable than you may think.

Worried about your Child - Discreet enquiries and electronic surveillance can ensure your loved ones stay out of harms way.

Background Checks - Looking to hire a baby sitter or child minder. Maybe the new love of your life seems to good to be true, a background check may just uncover the truth.

Neighbourhood Checks - Thinking of buying a new house or moving to a unfamiliar area. Why not request a report detailing crime rates, school ratings, photos and demographics of the area to help you make an informed decison.

Neighbour Disputes - Do you suspect your neighbour of ill-doings whilst you are on holiday or at work. Covert surveillance can be undertaken with photographic, video and audiio evidence to help you bring the dispute to a close.

Private Investigation Services Bedford Stoke on Trent staffordshire

Theft Investigations - Surveillance and discreet enquiries are an option if you suspect someone is stealing from you, your property or your family.

Matrimonal Surveillance
Matrimonal Surveillance Shropshire and Lancashire
Often a spouse may arouse suspicion of adultery which can lead to emotional and often irrational behaviours.
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Missing Persons
Missing Persons Stoke on Trent Shropshire and Lancashire
Looking to find a long lost friend or relative . Modern checks can may make this easier than you may think...
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Process Serving
Process Serving Stoke on Trent Shropshire and Lancashire
The serving of legal papers including the preparation and swearing of affidavits or Statements and....
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Covert Surveillance
Covert Surveillance Stoke on Trent Shropshire and Lancashire
During these hard economic times, staff may be tempted to forget to put a little something through the till, or...
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Office +44 (0) 1782 922775

Mobile +44 (0) 7729 926 124

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